“Why Don’t You Make Pretty Drawings?”

My mom asked me this question years ago.

Pretty things are nice. Pretty things can make you happy. There’s no arguing that the world needs pretty, nice, happy things. And, if not the artist, then who on Earth is going to take responsibility for Beauty?

I do love beautiful things. But I’m seldom interested in drawing beautiful things. Plenty of people are already taking care of that. I want to make drawings of the banal, or the provocative, or the perplexing; the perverse, the questionable, the fundamentally flawed, or the exasperating; the world in decline, and the world out of control.  And certainly the humorous, even if often darkly so.

I want to capture all of these things.  Often beautifully, I hope; but sometimes jarringly or confrontationally.  Whatever the story demands.  I do love a good story.  Words and phrases are as fascinating to me as lines on a page.