The world shifts. The longer we live in it, the more we can feel its metamorphosis. Material things deteriorate. Familiar places are transformed: a favorite deli replaced by a cross-fit gym we will never visit. Our personal circumstances are altered. Memories become less certain. We lose people close to us. And so we must continually adjust to new situations. But sometimes we feel disoriented.

The pieces in this series I call Lost and Found have their origins in the Fall of 2016. I wasn’t adjusting to shifting circumstances: a family crisis, global disruption, loss of personal direction. I was seeking a way forward, looking for new ways of thinking. I began reading books on existential and taoist philosophy - and quantum physics. I reconnected with a youthful passion for modernist art. And that’s when I realized that sometimes the path forward leads you back to where you started. Loop Theory, maybe? 

From a small black sketchbook of thumbnail drawings that I began in the Winter of 2016-17, these are new works that began to emerge at the beginning of 2018: meditations on life, death, beauty, urgency, patience, ambiguity, continuity - and, most hopefully, transcendence.  

“The Great Way is very smooth and straight;

And yet the people prefer devious paths.”

- Lao Tzu