A Cast of Billions

Are you quirky?  Do your friends find you amusing, even when you aren’t trying to be funny?  Do your flaws make you charming?  Then Central Casting may be looking for you.

Are you struggling to find your place in a vast, unknowable universe?  Questioning the meaning of life?  Doubting that mankind is on the right path? Or that there is a path?  Then Central Casting may have a role for you to play!

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “life is strange – even absurd” or “people are odd, aren’t they?” or “thank god I’m able to see the humor in this otherwise disconcerting situation” – then Central Casting is waiting to hear from you!!

We have billions of parts just waiting to be filled.  And our casting director thinks you’d be perfect!

Here's a sample from the series. Click here to visit the full blog A Cast of Billions